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Most Sixes In ODI Match By One Player | Chasing The Big-hitters

most sixes in odi match

It overflows the heart with emotion when a batsman sends the ball across the boundary, but do you know who slapped the most sixes in ODI match? In this post, we will hark back to the most historic boundaries of all time.

There is nothing as exciting as a six on the cricket ground. It drives new energy in the stadium as the whistling sound rises to a crescendo. To recall the most remarkable events in cricket history, we put down the most sixes in ODI match by one player. Here is a table to give you a quick idea about most sixes in ODI match by one player. In the former part of this post, you can find a similar table talking about most sixes in an ODI match by both teams.

Let’s have a glance at the most sixes in an inning of One Day International.

BatsmanCountryOpposition TeamMatch DateVenueSixesTotal Run
Eoin MorganEnglandAfghanistan18 June 2019Old Trafford17148
Rohit SharmaIndiaAustralia2 Nov 2013Bengaluru16209
AB De VilliersSouth AfricaWest Indies18 Jan 2015Johannesburg16149
CH GayleWest IndiesZimbabwe24 Feb 2015Canberra16215
SR WatsonAustraliaBangladesh11 Apr 2011Dhaka15185*
CJ AndersonNew ZealandWest Indies1 Jan 2014Queenstown14131*
CH GayleWest IndiesEngland27 Feb 2019St George’s14162
NLTC PereraSri LankaNew Zealand5 Jan 2019Bay Oval13144
Rohit SharmaIndiaSri Lanka13 Dec 2017Mohali12208*
JC ButtlerEnglandWest Indies27 Feb 2019St George’s12150

Ranking The Best Player With Most Sixes In ODI Match

Cricket is one of the most popular yet unpredictable games in the world. After ranking the longest six in cricket history, we are back with the list of most sixes in ODI match, but we have taken multiple factors into account this time.

We rank the best players with the most sixes in one ODI match primarily based on their opponent.

1. Eoin Morgan Vs. Afghanistan

The English batsman is certainly one of the best finishers in cricket. Eoin Morgan’s career turned unbelievably in the 2019 ICC World Cup when he slapped 17 sixes against Afghanistan. It still holds the record for the most sixes in ODI match.

He managed to achieve a strike of 208.45 to have the most sixes in ODI Match. However,  it was easy-going to smash against Hazrat Ullah and Mohammad Nabi.

2. Rohit Sharma Vs. Australia

In the second place on the list of most sixes in ODI match by one player, Rohit Sharma is one of the greatest cricketers of all time. In terms of most sixes in ODI match by one player against a strong opponent, Rohit Sharma surely deserves No. 1 place on the list.

Rohit smashed 16 magnificent sixes in 2013 against Australia. It was never easy to play and score 209 with 16 sixes and 12 fours against a team with the fastest bowlers of all time. Rohit’s entry on this list is well deserving. With a strike rate of 132.27, he is the second batsman with the most sixes in ODI Match.

3. AB De Villiers Vs. West Indies

The next entry on the list of most sixes in ODI match by one player comes from South Africa’s cricket team. Also known as Mr. 360°, AB De Villiers scored 16 sixes against West Indies.

Besides most sixes in ODI Match, Superman of Cricket also named nine boundaries and achieved a strike rate of 338.63. Regarded as one of the best cricketers of all time, AB De Villiers always makes a match spectacular.

4. Chris Gayle Vs. Zimbabwe

West Indian Batsman Chris Gayle has always made headlines for his ballistic performance on the ground. Along with the most sixes in ODI Match, CH Gayle holds a record of smashing the longest six in history.

In 2015, Gayle smashed 16 sixes in a single inning and scored ten boundaries in the same ODI. Titled as the most merciless hitter in cricket, he achieved a strike rate of 146.25 in this match against Zimbabwe.

5. Shane Watson Vs. Bangladesh

The fifth player to have the most sixes in ODI match, Shane Watson smashed 15 most incredible sixes in a match in 2011 against Bangladesh. It was not easy to play against bowlers like Shakib Al Hasan, Abdur Razzak, and Robel Hussain.

Former Australian batsman, Shane Watson smashed 15 boundaries in the same ODI with a strike rate of 192.70. He is the fifth batsman on the list with the most sixes in ODI match.

6. Corey Anderson Vs. West Indies

Coming in at sixth place on the list, Corey Anderson enjoyed an easy-going match against West Indies and slapped 14 magnificent sixes on just 47 balls. How he managed to smash fourteen sixes in just 14 balls is a matter of appreciation which settles him as the best player with the most sixes in an ODI match.

It was 1st January 2014 in Queenstown, when CJ Anderson smashed 14 long sixes paired with 6 boundaries achieved as failed attempts to cross the pavilion. He made 131 runs with a strike rate of 278.71, perhaps the highest in the series.

7. Chris Gayle Vs. England

It was a wonderful event in which Chris Gayle smashed 14 magnificent sixes in a match against England. The world cup was lacking adventure when Gayle made another entry on the list of most sixes in an ODI Match by one player.

It was a tough game, though, because smashing over boundaries against Ben Stokes is not easy at all. However, Gayle garner 162 runs with 11 boundaries along with a strike rate of 167.01.

8. Thisara Perera Vs. New Zealand

The history was engraved in the Cricket ground in Mount Maunganui on 5th Jan 2019 when Thisara Perera smashed 13 sixes against New Zealand. He got the magnificent hits against Henry Nicholls, Bowler, the runner-up.

Thisara Parera gets his name listed among other players with the most sixes in ODI match. In this series, he made eight boundaries and contributed to the score of 140 on the board. He managed to achieve a strike rate of 189.18.

9. Rohit Sharma Vs. Sri Lanka

First Indian player to appear twice on the list of cricketers with the most sixes in ODI Match, Rohit Sharma scored 12 over-the-swing boundaries in the match against Sri Lanka. He smashed spectacular sixes against Lasith Malinga. Rohit also made 13 boundaries in the same match and achieved a total score of 208 with a strike rate of 135.94 in 153 balls.

10. Jos Buttler Vs. West Indies

The most sensational inning of the 2019 world cup series was when Jos Buttler smashed 12 sixes against West Indies’ Carlos Brathwaite. Since Carlos is a right-handed batsman, it was an easy-going competition. However, JC Buttler gets his name on the list of most sixes in ODI match by one player.

These are the top 10 players with the most sixes in ODI match. You see, Rohit Sharma dominates the place for most sixes in international cricket by an Indian. Well, he deserves this place because he made history against Australia and Sri Lanka — the two most strong opponents in cricket.

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