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Quick List Of Top-selling Rum Brands In India Under 1K

rum brands in india

Since Rum is considered a tonic for winters, we have shortlisted the top-charting Rum Brands in India under 1K. Whether it’s about getting a new job or promotion, you can afford these rums for any occasion.

Let us tell you that rum is the most popular drink during the monsoon and winter seasons. As far as the alcohol concentration is concerned, major rum brands have a 42.8% alcohol content. The sweet, caramel-like aroma of rum attracts those who love it. India, which is globally known for its high-quality rum, holds the fifth spot in the overall ranking of the largest rum producing countries worldwide. If you are a fan of rum, the post, comprising ten best rum brands in India, is worth catching a glance at. 

What Is Rum? How It’s Made

You might not know that rum is a distilled beverage made by first fermenting sugarcane and distilling it. Distillate which is a clear liquid is filled in wooden casks and kept for many years to mature. Rum is made from sugarcane juice, which is believed to have its origin in the Caribbean countries. Rum is gluten-free alcohol with a sweet and slightly bitter taste. 

The colour of the rum usually is blood red or yellow. However, as rum gets aged, it may turn light brown and black. Although the exact history of rum is unknown, it is believed to have been produced on a large scale in the Caribbean in the 5th century. While drinking rum gives a little relief to the psychological well being of a person, there have also been proven facts about its salubrious values for health. 

Get a quick idea about the best rum brands in India through this table.

Rum BrandPrice In Delhi (750 ml)
Captain MorganRs 550
Old MonkRs 570
Mcdowell’s No. 1Rs 680
Amrit Old PortRs 650
Khodays RunkRs 600
Havana Club Rs 1,100
Jolly Roger’sRs. 600
Hercules XXXRs 550*
Contessa XXXRs 680
8 PM BermudaRs 700

10 Most Popular Rum Brands In India 

Here we will get a detailed overview of the 10 most popular rum brands in India widely consumed across the country.

Leaf through the 10 popular rum brands in India:  

1. Captain Morgan – India’s Most Famous Rum Brand

Price of Captain Morgan Rum: 750 ml / Rs 700

Captain Morgan is internationally recognised as the best rum brand in India, offering some of the best rum in India. Caribbean rum distillation processes are used to make Captain Morgan rum in India. That’s why this rum has a unique fruity aroma. When you put your fingers on this rum, it will feel a bit sticky. This rum also has a honey-like taste which suggests that high-quality molasses is used for its distillation.

2. Old Monk’s Rum – Everyone’s Favourite Rum Brand

Price of Old Monk Rum: 750 ml / Rs 550

Old Monk is one of the most famous rum brands in India. This brand is fast dominating the Indian rum market. Earlier, this brand was launched in Uttar Pradesh, and today it is available across India. Old Monk rum is well-known for its distinct sweet taste and strong caramel taste. Old Monk is made from rum that has been matured in oak casks for seven years. If you want to test this Indian rum brand, you should buy Old Monk Supreme, which comes in a different monk-shaped bottle.

3. Mcdowell’s – No.1 Celebration Rum In India

Price of McDowell’s No 1: 750 ml / Rs 580

Mcdowell’s No.1 Celebration is one of the famous rum brands in India by people’s choice. The sales of this brand have come down significantly over the years due to massive competition from newer brands. McDowell’s Celebration Rum continues to lead the market. This rum is relatively thin and has a light shade like cola. It is mixed with mature rum and released into oak casks. This rum brand comes in chocolate, tobacco and cherry tones.

4. Amrit Old Port Rum –  Famous Foreign Rum Brand In India

Amrit Old Port Rum Price: 750ml/Rs 260

Amrut Old Port Rum is another famous rum brand in India produced by one of the leading liquor companies in India, i.e., Amrut Distilleries Limited. The brand is also trendy in foreign markets. The nectar Old Port Deluxe rum is matured in oak barrels previously used to blend whiskey. This gives rum the aroma of Old Oak, which makes it a good quality rum. Various foreign wine critics have highly praised Amrit Old Port for its unique qualities.

5. Rum Khodays runk in India – Famous Rum Brand 

Price of Khodays XXX Rum: 750ml/Rs 600

Khodays XXX Rum is one of the famous rums of India, which can prove to be very special for military rum lovers. It is one of the oldest rum brands in India that has been popular since the 1960s. Khodays XXX contains 42.8% alcohol. This rum is known for its strong taste. Its unique distillation process and flavour further strengthen it. Let us tell you that this brand is available only in select markets of India. However, you can also order Khodays XXX online.

6. Havana Club (Pernod Ricard) – Most Sold Rum In India 

Price of Havana Club Rum: 750 ml/Rs 900

Havana Club Rum is a very famous rum produced by Pernod Ricard India. Havana Club is one of the internationally acclaimed rum brands in India. Havana Club is the fifth best-selling brand of rum in the world. The brand is a relatively new entrant in the Indian rum market. Please note that it is matured in Cuban casks.

7. Jolly Roger’s –  Best Premium Rum Brand In India

Jolly Roger Rum Price: Starting Rs.600

Jolly Roger is one of the premium dark rum brands in India. According to its distillers, Jolly Roger rum blends Indian-origin and ripe original Jamaican pot-still varieties. Spices are also used in its distillation process to give it flavour. This rum comes with an attractive slim neck bottle. This rum contains 42.8% alcohol and is also available in one-litre flasks.

8. Hercules XXX Rum – India’s Famous Rum Brand 

Price of Hercules XXX Rum: 750 ml / Rs 700

Hercules XXX is the best among a few of the famous rum brands in India manufactured by Khode Breweries Ltd. This is a smooth rum containing 42.8% alcohol. It is known to deliver a stronger hit than any product of its kind in the Indian market. This rum is matured in oak tanks combined with other Indian rums. Currently, this top rum brand is available only in select markets in India.

9. Contessa XXX –  Favorite Rum Drink In India

Contessa XXX Rum Price: 750ml/Rs 700

Contessa XXX is one of the contemporary rum brands in India, accounting for 25% of the rum supplied to the Indian Armed Forces. This is another Indian military rum that you can try. Contessa XXX Rum is brewed with the finest molasses. The traditional XXX mark indicates that it has been matured in wooden casks using traditional rum recipes. This rum is slightly lighter in colour than other brands. The caramel-vanilla blend makes this a great rum.

10. 8PM Bermuda Rum – Most Popular Rum In India 

Price of 8PM Bermuda Rum: 750ml/Rs 700

8PM Bermuda Rum by Radico-Khaitan Limited is one of the most popular rum brands in India. As the name suggests, 8PM is a variant of Bermuda Caribbean Rum. It is the only rum in India to be made with processes unique to Bermuda. 8 p.m. Bermuda is a dark rum. Hence it gives distinct molasses and caramel flavour. It lets you enjoy drinks in Caribbean style.

Though you may associate rum consumption with an enhanced mental peace, consuming it in moderation is advisable. Overconsumption may trigger alcohol dependence and intoxication.  Now when you have the list of the best rum brands in India, take a cue to have the best pick for your spirit. 

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