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What The Taliban’s Rebirth In Afghanistan Means For India?

Taliban's Rebirth In Afghanistan

The defeat of Afghanistan, in which a strong and well-equipped 300,000 US-trained Afghan army collapsed in hours, is a reminder of the status of American power in wider West Asia. The speed with which the Taliban took control of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, was probably not anticipated by many countries and even by the government of Afghanistan itself.

Otherwise, former President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani would not leave the country the very next day after addressing the countrymen with a video message. 

No one knew that everything would change so quickly in just a matter of two months? While Kabul is going through all the chaos with the Taliban’s rebirth in Afghanistan, India must find its way on the bilateral and international fronts in midst of Taliban’s success in Afghanistan. But it is certain that the crisis in Kabul will have a deep impact on even the fiercest corner of the country. 

It is the question of the hour for India how it will re-strategize its plans and policies after the doom of democracy in Afghanistan which recently took place with the rise of Taliban.   

China, Pakistan and Even Russia have confidence in Taliban 

While China and Pakistan, to great extent, seem confident about Taliban’s prevalence in Kabul due to their friendship with the Taliban, India is presently busy evacuating its people safely from Kabul. Even Russia, the closest ally of India has been found showing support for the recent shift of power in Afghanistan.

Taliban’s rebirth may give rise to terrorists’ conspiracies against India

It is to be noted that even though the government of Pakistan appears to be opposing the Taliban, there have been reports of terrorists joining the Taliban army from there. Now if the Taliban becomes dominant again in Afghanistan, India may once again become a victim of terrorist conspiracies. In such a situation, there is also a big fear that Pakistan itself may increase terrorist activities in Kashmir valley in coordination with Taliban.

It’s time to wait and watch 

The fact is that in the last few years, the Indian government has invested about three billion US dollars in reconstruction projects in Afghanistan ranging from building and roads to ports and dams. India should understand the fact that now the Taliban has taken over Kabul and soon it is going to take power in Afghanistan. In such a situation, India has two paths – either India should remain in Afghanistan or else shut everything down as it did in the 90s. If India takes the other route, all that India has done there in the last two decades will go in vain. 

Until the process of a new political order and government establishment begins in Afghanistan, it is difficult to say anything. India will see the attitude of Taliban in the coming days while keeping eye out on when and how other countries recognize the Taliban and how the Taliban finds its place for itself on the globe. 

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