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Best Business Schools In USA | 8 Schools You Should Enroll In

Best Business Schools in USA

Pursuing higher studies in the USA is everybody’s dream. To push these dreams, we have shortlisted the best business schools in USA. From Harvard University to Stanford Graduate School of Business, there are around 200 top business schools in USA that are giving great career opportunities to students and helping them develop entrepreneurship skills at a grand scale. 

If you want to be a successful business leader and are looking for the best business schools that can help you improve management skills and create professional connections, here is the list of top business schools in USA you should get enrolled in. The list is based on the academic skills, school facilities, teaching criteria, fee structure, and other necessary aspects. Read the overview, choose your business schools wisely and rock in the industry!

Top 10 Business Schools in USA | Ranking, and Guide

With so many things to consider, it is very difficult to choose which is the best business school in USA. Today, we have shortlisted a few best business schools in USA that have a wide range of prestigious business programs to choose from. Students here can choose subjects relevant to their interest. Before the detailed review, run your eyes on the table for a quick review.  

InstitutionPlacement RateAcceptance RateEstablishment Year
Harvard Business School85%12%1908
Stanford Graduate School of Business91%6.1%1925
Columbia Business School90%18.2%1916
The Wharton School91.6%9%1881
Haas School of Business94%13.2%1898
Booth School of Business91.9%25%1898
Kellogg School of Management84%20%1979
Questrom School of Business94.80%51%1913

1. Harvard Business School, Harvard University

Harvard University needs no introduction. Not only in the USA, but it is also one of the best business schools in the world. Apart from offering extensive business programs, HBS is recognized globally for its quality teaching and great infrastructure. The school is designed to prepare the students to cope with real business challenges. 

Tuition Fees- $73,440/annum

Courses- Human Resource Management, International Business, Leadership, Manufacturing and Technology Management

Full-time Employment- 70.90 percent

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Being popular as one of the best business schools in USA, Stanford Graduate School of Business is also the most selective school in the world. The school offers selective MBA programs in the technology and venture capital sectors. The staff and the professors are actively involved in the educational process and bringing practical experience to the classrooms. Perhaps this is the reason why students from GSB are throwing successful businesses. 

Tuition Fee- $74,706/annum

Courses- Accounting, E-commerce, Finance, Ethics, Entrepreneurship, etc.

Full-time Employment- 62.60 percent

3. Columbia Business School, Columbia University

Located in Manhattan, Columbia Business School is one of the oldest and best business schools in USA. In recent years, the school has ramped up its entrepreneurship opportunities and helped students with strong networks and collaborative culture. What can excite students for this school is the list of its alumni which includes Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

Tuition Fees- $77,376/annum

Courses- Accounting, Consulting, Not-for-profit Management, Real Estate, Quantitative Analysis/Statistics and Operation Research, etc.

Full-time Employment- 73.30 percent

4. The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Today, counted on the list of best business schools in USA, Wharton School was the first business school in USA and now has the greatest number of alumni. In addition to business degrees, students can pursue joint degrees. Besides academic skills, here students learn how to handle business stress, make critical decisions and team management. 

Tuition Fee- $80,432/annum

Courses- Marketing Production/Operation Management, Economics, Accounting, E-commerce, Finance, Ethics, Entrepreneurship etc.

Full-time Employment- 81 percent

5. Haas School of Business, University of California

Haas School of Business is among the best business schools in USA for Masters. Graduated students from this school can find internships or jobs in San Francisco at major businesses like Google and Visa. School offers various courses and opportunities for MBA students like research at Asia Business Center, Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics. Notable Alumni include Executive vice president and CFO of Hewlett Packard, former president of Levi Strauss & co., to name a few.  

Tuition Fee- $64,246/annum

Courses- Accounting, E-commerce, Finance, Ethics, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Manufacturing and Technology Management, etc. 

Full-time Employment- 71.70 percent

6. Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

Offering different business programs and plenty of business opportunities, Booth School of Business is among the best business schools in USA for Masters. It offers full-time, part-time evening, part-time weekend, and executive MBA programs. Hardworking & qualified faculty, students learning skills, and other academic aspects are the speciality of the school.

Tuition Fee- $73,440/annum

Courses- General Management, International Business, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Organizational Behaviour, etc.

Full-time Employment- 84.30 percent

7. Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

The reason why Kellogg School of Management is counted among the best business schools in USA is it offers great opportunities to the students to get involved in various research centers. Courses in school focus on teamwork and experiential learning and students can participate in international field research.   

Tuition Fee- $74,871/annum

Courses- Portfolio Management, Public Administration, Public Policy, Real Estate, Healthcare Administration etc. 

Full-time Employment- 80.60 percent

8. Questrom School of Business, Boston University

If you want to become a leading businessman in the industry, Questrom School of Business should be your choice. It is one of the best business schools in USA where students are taught to make effective business decisions and trained how to cope with business challenges. With  collaborative teaching and team learning, students get a better understanding of business. There are more than 45,000 graduates around the world, who are leading businessmen today including, Chairman and DEO of J. Crew Group, former Chairman and CEO of Motorola Inc, etc. 

Tuition Fee- $58,560/annum

Courses-General Management, Leadership Marketing, healthcare administration, etc. 

Full-time Employment- 47.40 percent

Getting an education from the best and renown school is important, but higher studies from the reputed colleges/universities can change your life. These best business schools in the USA are globally known and accepted. Getting enrolled in any of these schools will put you on the path to a bright and well-paid future. 

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