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Types Of Mangoes | Best Varieties Of Mangoes In The World

Different Types Of Mangoes And their Health Benefits

Luscious and attractive – The Mango. The season of the ‘King of Fruits’ is here and different types of mangoes are calling you to have a bite. Seriously, nothing is more  blissful than biting the succulent, delicious, and beautiful fruit. This most delicious fruit comes from India and has over 1500 varieties. There is no doubt to say that the love for Mango never fades out. 

But do you know there are also health benefits of a mango? Surprisingly, mangoes are rich in Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants that can help you with numerous health benefits. If you love this seasonal fruit just for its taste, let us discuss its health benefits and varieties in detail. Sadly, we can’t go mentioning all 1500 types of mangoes, but we’ll discuss the ten most adored and popular mangoes you should try this season. 

Are you ready to dive into the world of sweet Mangoes? Come…

1. Banganpalli, aka Safedi

This is one of 2famous types of mangoes that comes from the Southeastern part of India, Andhra Pradesh from the town of Baganpalla. This is the most delicious, slightly sour, among other varieties of mangoes. 

Season- April- June

Color- Bright yellow


2. Alphonso/Hapus

Like Mango is the king of fruits, Alphonso is called king of mangoes. If you want to savor the real taste of mango, Alphanso would be on your plate. It is native to Maharashtra but now it is also grown in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka. Due to its color and taste, it is one of the most expensive types of mangoes. 

Season- May- June

Color- Bright yellow with Red at the Mouth

Shape- Voluptuous Oval-shaped

3. Dasheri

This is the most loved mango from the land of Nawabs- Uttar Pradesh of India. This variety of mango is also known as “Chusne wala Aam” and one of the popular types of mangoes among Children. In summer vacation, children sit around the bucket full of dasheri aam and enjoy this juicy and mouth-watering mango. 

Season- June- July

Color- Green with Slight Yellow 

Shape- Elongated

4. Totapuri

Totapuri is one of the easiest types of mangoes to identify due to its parrot beak-like shape. It is found in the southeastern part of India such as Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, etc. It is mainly used to make a variety of products like Pickel, Chutney, Mango juice, etc. 

Season- June- July

Color- Golden Yellow 

Shape- Oblong Peak like the pointed end

5. Chausa

Chausa floods in the market when mango season comes to an end. The variety of mango is cultivated in North India and Bihar and has a sweet and unique taste. It gained popularity when Sher Shah Suri named its favorite mango – Chausa. It is among the popular types of mangoes in India. 

Season- July-August

Color- Golden Yellow 

Shape- Oblong Peak like the the pointed end

6. Langra

This variety is an immensely popular type of mangoes in the region of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, and West Bengal. The mango got its name from its owner as he was unfortunately lame. This mango is juicy and has a huge amount of pulp. It has a sweet smell that is really mouth-watering.  

Season- Mid July-August

Color- Green

Shape- Round or Oval

7. Himsagar

Originating in the Northeast state of India – West Bengal, Hinsager is one of the types of mangoes that spans the shortest season among all. This mango has a huge flesh which is sweet, bright yellow in color, and of course yummy. This is why this variety of mango is famous all over the world. 

Season- May or June

Color- Green Skin and bright yellow pulp

Shape- Oval

8. Neelum

Neelum mango is primarily grown in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. It has a lovely strong fragrance and is available throughout the season. This is one of the favorite types of mangoes of Indians because of its taste. 

Season- May to July

Color- Saffron Yellow with a red tinge

Shape- Ovate Oblique

9. Pairi

Just like Banganpalli, it marks the early beginning of the mango season. They are sweet in taste but there is a little sourness hidden somewhere that is truly delicious. If you have a sweet tooth after lunch, take a slice of Pairi and just enjoy it.  

Season- May to July

Color- Saffron Yellow with a red tinge

Shape- Ovate Oblique

10. Kesar 

The distinct fragrance of Kesar can liven up your house and the color of this mango resembles saffron. Grown-up in the mountains of Gujarat, it is one of the most popular and tastier types of mangoes.  

Season- May to July

Color- Saffron Yellow with a red tinge

Shape- Ovate Oblique

5 Incredible Health Benefits of Mangoes

1. Protect Against Cancer

Mango is packed with a dozen types of polyphenols that act as antioxidants that protect cells from DNA damage and prevent cancer. This is one of the important health benefits of mango.

2. Helps in Digestion

Fast Digestion is one of the health benefits of mango. It contains enzymes that help to break down your food and promote digestion. In India, a large number of people eat mangoes after their meals. 

3. Boost Immune System

You would be surprised to know this health benefit of mango that you can reap from any kind of mango. The mango is rich in Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants that help to boost the immune system

4. Improve Blood Sugar Regulation

It is one of the surprising health benefits of mango, but true. According to research, its bioactive components such as antioxidants can help in lowering high blood levels. 

5. Promotes Eye Health

Among the health benefits of mango, eye health is the most important one. Different types of Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene that helps in the production of Vitamin A that boosts vision and overall eye health. 

So this season doesn’t stick to one variety of mango when there are numerous types of mangoes waiting for you with their beautiful look, sweet fragrance, and delectable taste. 

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