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Top 10 Most Popular but Toughest Sports in The World



This is a famous quote that has been manipulating players on the ground for many years. See, the writer was high, therefore, he couldn’t feel the hardness of today’s sports. Well, how do you consider whether or not a sport is tough? Though there are several parameters to measure the popularity of any sport, but to evaluate the endurance and physical strength needed for a sport, no source of measurement is here. 

I personally have met some sports junkies, knew nothing but pretended to be Mike Tyson’ of FootballAnyways, let them continue with their so-called ‘Sports Psychology because they don’t have any idea about the importance of  Endurance, Flexibility, Speed, Muscle Strength, and Mental Health in any sport. In order to disintegrate the misconception of Sport psychology, we are enlisting the top 10 popular, but toughest sports around the world. 

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1- Boxing

Do you have any doubt in your mind to decline this statement? See, we have done in-depth research before listing these games and Boxing is undoubtedly one of the toughest and popular sports in this world. 

It seems easy just to punch your opponent’s face and break his teeth, but you were taking it all in a wrong manner. A survey shows, Boxing is probably not an easy sport. It demands physical strength, but relies on the use of this strength scientifically. 

If we talk about popularity, then who doesn’t know ‘Mike Tyson’ and ‘Mohammed Ali’? Two of these names are from the list of the most respected sportspersons in this world. Mike said Everyone Has a Plan Till They Get Punched in the Mouth” It probably means that endurance and mental health should be high to be standing in the Boxing Ring.

Best Team/Player: Muhammad Ali

National Game: Thailand and Mexico (Thai Boxing)

Origin: Egypt around 3000 BC

Worldwide Audience: 2.4 million

2- MMA Fighting (Mixed Martial Arts)

You may have seen lots of Hollywood movies based on MMA fighters. Basically, everybody knows martial arts in American Countries therefore MMA is more popular there and also known as street fighting. This is a fighting technique in which Martial arts, boxing, wrestling, and a few others are mixed. It’s a freestyle fighting and considered one of the toughest fighting forms in the world.

Though wrestling is similar to MMA, but it’s wrong. Actually, MMA is originated from wrestling. MMA players do not only need stamina or strength, but also flexibility, high speed and durability to win the ground. Kick, Punch, Grips and strike opponent, all these things make it the second hardest sport in the world.

Best Team/Player: Georges St-Pierre

National Game: Japan (Martial Art)

Origin: Greek

Worldwide Audience: 451 million

3- Rugby

Though you just need to place the rugby ball on the marks in this game, but it’s harder than it shows. This is a person-in-contact game in which you have to tolerate high-power opponents and their physical strength. It is a perfect combination of knocks, whacks and needs high durability to withstand the endurance of other players. 

In this 80 minute game, players have to undergo a few toughest stakes where their endurance and mental health be tested. Rugby is a professional level game, don’t have weight divisions. It required lots of stamina and durability, hence this is the third toughest game and also popular enough.

Best Team/Player: The Kiwis (New Zealand)

National Game:  Papua New Guinea

Origin: Warwickshire, England,

Worldwide Audience: 1.8 million

4- Gymnastic

You may have seen this sport earlier in the Olympic games. It has always been a part of the Olympics because many countries complete their stock of medals through this only. Wait, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to play. This game doesn’t rely on your physical strength and this is what makes it the fourth toughest game in this world. 

Up above in the air, you don’t need heavy muscles to maintain your balance. Your mental strength is what needs to be tested here at this stage. What I think is ‘Gymnastic players need constant training from their birth to be a professional gymnastic player.’ Yes, it is true because one cannot learn to balance on the poles. Here, you need to be fit to be in the perfect shape required to give a perfect finish to your flip. Though people are not interested in this sport like soccer: But it is too tough.

Best Team/Player: Simone Biles

National Game: Switzerland

Origin: Greek AD 393

Worldwide Audience: 3.2 million

5- ICE Hockey

You can never understand how much strength and physical power does an ICE hockey player consumes on a Hockey Rink. An hour on steel blades is really exhausting and shots and quick starts make it even worse. Archive the highest number of goals along with sharp turns and shot playing, make ICE hockey the fifth toughest game in the world. We enlist this sport here because it’s complicated to understand the concept and high mental health, durability, and stamina. 

Best Team/Player: Pittsburgh Penguins

National Game: Canada

Origin: Canada 19th century

Worldwide Audience: 1.23 million

6- Baseball

In Baseball You Train The Whole Body, Except For The Hips And Eyes” We hope you can understand the kind of strength and physical endurance is required for baseball. This game is more about running and scoring than hitting the ball. The immense crowd in the stadium, people shouting from every direction make it hard to concentrate on the ball and you end up losing the game. Not only your physical strength but also your endurance and durability to be tested here, therefore, this is the sixth hardest game in the world. Also, the real game is completely different from the one you have observed in Doraemon in which Gian hit the ball and blame Nobita for not to catch properly. 

Best Team/Player: New York Yankees

National Game: Dominican Republic

Origin: New York

Worldwide Audience: 500 million

7- Football/Soccer

The list of the toughest sports in the world can never be complete without describing this game. With the prominence of the most viewed games in this world, football is probably a hard sport. Everybody knows Cristiano Ronaldo and Lioness Messi but do you have any idea about their difficulties while playing soccer? It’s a strategic game in which a team requires a goalkeeper, hitter, and defender too. Just imagine maintaining all these things in the right order. Isn’t it though? 

Football is undoubtedly a popular game, but strategies and player strength are what make it the tough game in the world. An average soccer player runs almost 115 KM, tackles highly durable shots of an opponent and undergoes other hurdles and this what we call football. 

Best Team/Player: FC Barcelona

National Game: Argentina

Origin: England in the 12th century

Worldwide Audience: 3.572 billion

8- Basketball

From muscle power to the technique, everything is important here because one cannot win a match of basketball with his height only. Had you ever noticed that all NBA players touch the sky and play with their full potential? Just like tennis and football, basketball also has enough space where players can regain energy, but due to short court, it is tough these days. Winning a basketball game is all about the energy you put in, speed and quick reflections, everything reflects on your game later. Besides its harshness, basketball is a popular sport in the world.

Best Team/Player: United States Men’s National Basketball Team

National Game: Lithuania

Origin: Springfield, Massachusetts

Worldwide Audience: 150 million

9- Rowing

You would never believe that this could be the toughest game in this world. By far it’s popularity, rowing is really tough. Apart from your physical strength, it looks for control and technique with constant leg running and back support all this somewhere in the middle of a lake. If we talk about physical strength and muscle power, then this sport gets something tough. Long races can increase fatigue levels, which ultimately affects your mental health. Due to its mental damage, this sport is on number nine. 

Best Team/player: Harvard University

National Game: No country

Origin: Ancient Egypt

Worldwide Audience: 4.8 million 

10- Swimming

Swimming in a river and swimming in the Olympics are two very different sides of this sport. By far it’s popularity, swimming is considered as one of the best sports due to its health benefits. Well, one needs constant practice to be fit and the upper body and lower part need to be strong to achieve your goal. It requires high-level endurance and durability in comparison to other sports. 

Best Team/Player: Michael Phelps

National Game: No country

Origin: 1896 in Athens

Worldwide Audience: 4.5 million

These are some rough & tough sports in the world in which you must participate at least once in your lifetime. We hope this blog will help you understand the efforts of players and how much they do to make their country proud.

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Dan August 16, 2020 at 6:27 am

This is just another dumb Americanized version. You missed out on many other sports. Cricket is more difficult than baseball. And rowing?? SERIOUSLY? Stop this USA shit dude. Where is the field hockey? Or cricket?

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Finally rugby union has some recognition!
Have to agree with majority of these sports but NFL does need a spot somewhere.

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I’m glad they mentioned rugby union but where the hell is horse racing? Not only skilful but physically and mentally demanding and the risks are incredibly high.

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