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GeForce Now India – Guide To Access GeForce Now In India

GeForce Now India

Like other gaming studios globally, NVIDIA has its cloud-based game streaming service in the name of GeForce. It is now also available in India in the form of ‘GeForce Now India.’ Wonder how to stream GeForce Now games in India? In this post, we will talk about GeForce Now India from scratch. We will talk about the games you stream on it and share a detailed guide on “how to access GeForce Now India.”

Since GeForce delivers real-time gameplay from the cloud-based server to your laptop, desktop, Mac, and Android devices, it is the most celebrated online game streaming service. This feature was only available for the US audience. Luckily, NVIDIA has unlocked this facility for Indian gamers in the form of GeForce Now India. Read along this post to learn how to access GeForce Now India and get more details. Do you have doubts about its cost and game on-network?

What Is GeForce India?

Put simply, GeForce Now India is the Indian version of  NVIDIA’s global cloud-gaming service where you play, and stream games hosted all over the internet to one of the supported devices like Google Stadia, xCloud from Xbox, Shadow or PlayStation Now, etc.

It follows the same concept as Google Stadia and other gaming services, in which the gameplays are uploaded on powerful servers to stream by the players across the world. As a result, the players can stream and play even the most demanded game titles on a non-gaming system or smartphone.

GeForce Now India operates from over 20 data centers positioned all around the country. It connects you to the closest data center to you and offers a hassle-free streaming experience. Unlike most of its competitors, NVIDIA GeForce Now doesn’t sell games or allow streaming its library. What it does is simply link with your stream, Epic Games Store, GOG, Uplay online accounts to play or stream games you already have on the stack or will buy from the online stores.

Though you don’t need to own a high-end gaming PC or device to play games on GeForce Now India, it requires a minimum of 15Mbps of internet speed for streaming. Want to reduce the latency on GeForce Now India? It recommends a wired connection or 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Let’s move further to learn how to stream GeForce Now India and more.

How To Stream GeForce Now India?

Now, when you have a general idea of what GeForce Now is, check out this step-by-step guide elaborating on how to use GeForce Now in India.

Note: Since the service is only available in the United States, we decided to access the facility with a VPN.

  • First thing first, download & install a VPN on your device. If you’ve no idea about VPNs, you can find the best VPNs in India.
  • Once installed, connect to the United States server on your VPN.
  • Now, head to the ‘GeForce Now India’ website.
  • Sign up using your email address and select the subscription tier you want to purchase.
    • Log in with your NVIDIA Account if you already have one.
  • Now verify your email address, and you will be able to download NVIDIA Apps on your device after this.
  • Lunch the app and log in with the ID you’ve just created.
  • Here you can search for the games you own or look for the free-to-play game titles and add them to your GeForce Now India library.

A Comprised List of Games Supported on GeForce Now India

Here are the first ten entries from the games supported by GeForce Now India.

  • 7 Days to Die
  • A Plague Tale: Innocence
  • Absolver
  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
  • Age of Wonders III
  • Age of Wonders: Planetfall
  • Albino Lullaby: Episode 1
  • Albion Online
  • Ancestors Legacy
  • AO International Tennis

These are a few popular titles available on GeForce Now India, and there are a lot more. So, what are you waiting for? Access the premium feature-rich facility right now and access these action-packed games.

Google Stadia Vs. GeForce Now: Which Is the Best Option

Both Google Stadia and GeForce Now are in the initial innings, but the Cloud Gaming market is heating up. Big players are making their move to the market. NVIDIA’s GeForce Now and Google’s Stadia are the two big fish in the ocean.

While both have their own set of pros and cons, we have run down a quick comparison of Google Stadia and GeForce Now India. Walk through it for an in-depth understanding.

Graphics & Performance

Let’s kickstart the comparison with the thing that is likely to be the main drawing point of the futuristic cloud-gaming: performance. While Google Stadia offers high-end specs and uses Linux-based technology, making it a little expensive to own a personal computer, GeForce Now simply allows access to powerful cloud computers, making it inexpensive.


When it comes to the price, it is a bit of a toss-up between both platforms. GeForce Now has now escalated its prices to match Stadia’s premium subscription plans. The features are vastly more premium than the free version.

The free version of Stadia is called Stadia Base, where the streaming quality has been capped out at 1080p. Apart from this, there is no limit on gameplay.

Network Requirements

Game streaming always requires a highly stable internet connection. While both streaming services have nearly unescapable input latency, they have a few differences—Google Stadia and GeForce Now India. Both demand a strong connection for latency-free game streaming.

Due to excessive data usage of both services, it is a little tough to choose for those with limited data. But the good news is that both services allow mobile streaming over mobile data with 4G connections in India.

Game Library and Availability

NVIDIA rocks when it comes to comparing with Google Stadia’s limited game library. Besides Stadia’s limited library, its user base has dramatically changed in 2021. As of now, there are over 230 games on Stadia, with more being introduced every month.

On the other hand, GeForce Now India allows you to access millions of games through its cloud-based system. Its library consists of some of the most popular free-to-play titles such as Fortnite, League of Legends, and other popular games to play on Mobile.

Device Support

The biggest drawback of cloud gaming is its portability and compatibility issues. Luckily, both Google Stadia and GeForce Now India allow you to play games on various hardware platforms. While both have support for every tech, Google Stadia has, somehow, better compatibility. The only tech still out of the list is iPhone and iPads; both are compatible via Safari.

Ease of Play

When it comes to user experience playing the game and opening, GeForce Now India is way ahead of Google Stadia. Using GeForce on Chrome or Safari, you can access and start the game in just minutes. On the other hand, Google Stadia is a little weird, even after years of Beta upgrades.

Wrap Up The Comparison Between Google Stadia and GeForce Now India

As mentioned earlier, which is the best game streaming platform, depends on your specific playing needs. However, GeForce Now India has the most extensive collection of free-to-play titles, making it an excellent start for console gamers.

How To Get GeForce Now In India For Just INR 500

Since most gamers don’t use high-end gaming systems yet want to play impressive games. NVIDIA releases its mobile-friendly game streaming service, namely GeForce Now India. It allows you to stream high-end games on every tech, from a computer to your smartphone. Moreover, the data consumption is relatively lower than Google Stadia. Wonder how much does NVIDIA GeForce Now India costs? We got it for just Rs. 5000. Here is how to access GeForce Now India at just rupees 500.

  • To access GeForce Now India, you will first need a VPN. It will hardly cost you around 200 for 12-months.
  • Install the VPN and launch the NVIDIA GeForce India and create an account. Or, log in if you already have one.
    • If you enroll for a 6-month subscription, it will cost you around 300.
  • In total, you’ve spent INR 500 on this step.
  • After this, you will have to sync your steam account with NVIDIA GeForce India or connect with EPIC Games Account.
  • Now, choose the game that you want to play.
  • Just launch the game and let it connect while the VPN is on.
  • Once it’s loaded, you can play. The only thing you will need is to have a strong internet connection.

Wrapping Up GeForce Now India

Since you’ve been provided with everything about GeForce Now India alongside a quick rundown of differentiators between Google Stadia and GeForce Now, it would be easy to pick the best game streaming service.

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