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20+ Famous Food Of Uttar Pradesh That Are A Must-try For Everyone

Famous Food Of Uttar Pradesh

Are you craving for something exceptionally delicious? Let your taste buds travel through the land of legendary flavors — Uttar Pradesh. Here’s our list of famous foods of Uttar Pradesh for you. 

Divided into 65 cities, Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in India in terms of population. Home to over 204.7 million people, Uttar Pradesh is so diverse in terms of languages, attire, cultures, and food at best. It is also known as the “Heartland Of India” for its rich culture & traditions.

Indian food is one of the tastiest and subtlest in the world. The food consumed in different parts of India is shaped by geography and climate. Thus, there is no homogeneity of flavors between North, South, or East and West. But a wealth of flavors that is simply flabbergasting can only be found in Uttar Pradesh.

We are so impressed with Uttar Pradesh cuisine, not just Tunday Kababi or Biryani but also sweets like Balushahi, Gajar Ka Halwa, and Gond Ke Laddu, to name a few. Thus, we took time, researched, had discussions, and rounded up 25 famous foods of Uttar Pradesh — flavored with rich species and traditional cooking patterns.

Famous Food Of Uttar Pradesh: Best Of Veg Foods

1. Bedai poori

Crispy deep-fried chapattis *(Puri) served with a spicy curry of potatoes and sweet, spicy or sour Kaddu *(Pumpkin) sabzi, Bedai is the most famous food of Uttar Pradesh. It is a famous lip-smacking breakfast of living in Firozabad, Agra.

Best place to eat: Chimman Lal Poori Wala (Rawatpada, Agra)

2. Kadhi Chawal

A thick gravy based on gram flour mixed with buttermilk contains vegetable fritters called ‘Pakoras,’ *(Kadhi), served with white jeera rice. It is a famous food of Uttar Pradesh that you can order at all mid-sized restaurants.

Best place to eat: Dimpi Veshno Kadhi Chawal (Khair Nagar, Meerut)

3. Baati Chokha

The most famous food of Uttar Pradesh (eastern), Baati, is an authentic dish made of wheat, and the chokha is made of brinjal, potatoes, tomatoes, and other spices mixed together. Baati baked in a mud oven and dipped in desi ghee are better paired with mint chutney and chaat masala.

Best place to eat: International Baati Chokha (Munshi Pulia, Lucknow)

4. Allahabadi Tehri

Allahabadi Tehri is a kind of veg pulao cooked with a bunch of mixed vegetables. It is a famous food of Uttar Pradesh which is commonly prepared for big feasts or special occasions.

Best place to eat: Tandoor Restaurant (Civil Lines, Prayagraj)

5. Banarasi Ghugni

A special chickpea or matar curry — ghugni is a famous food of Uttar Pradesh. It is also famous in Bengal and Bihar, but the states have spun the recipe as per their taste.

Best place to eat: The Keshari Restaurant (Godowlia, Varanasi)

Famous Food of Uttar Pradesh: Best Of Non-Veg Food

6. Lucknowi Biryani

Another famous food of Uttar Pradesh and the throne of Awadhi Cuisine, Lucknowi Biryani, is cooked with cashew paste, saffron, hang curd, and finely marinated meat (mutton or chicken).

Best place to eat: Baba Foods (Kanpur) or Mashi Biryani World (Lucknow)

7. Tunday Kababi

Prepared with the goodness of traditional Indian spices, baked on slow flame, Tundey Kebabs are best known for their fantastic taste and super-melty flavor.

Best place to eat: Aminabad and Chowk, Lucknow

8. Nargisi Kofta

Who won’t melt over this super delicious mutton ball gravy? This is undoubtedly the most famous food of Uttar Pradesh. Nargisi Kofta is prepared with deep-fried eggs stuffed with mutton keema.

Best place to eat: Moti Mahal Restaurant (Hazratganj, Lucknow)

9. Kabab Paratha

A unique non-veg dish made of kebabs rolled in egg chapati, garnished with onions, cabbage, and mint chutney. Kabab Paratha is a famous food of Uttar Pradesh and the best breakfast for youth.

Best place to eat:  Kabab Paratha Stall (Sigra and Lanka, Banaras)

10. Shabdeg

It is a classic non-veg dish of Uttar Pradesh that you can have at almost all famous food stalls in UP. Shabdeg is a delicious stew prepared of chicken or mutton balls with potatoes, turnip, and authentic spices.

Best place to eat: Akbari Gate, Lucknow

Famous Food of Uttar Pradesh: Best Of Chaat Cravings

11. Basket Chaat

One of the famous foods of Uttar Pradesh, Basket Chat, is originally known for its unique serving style and making. It’s a heavenly platter for chat lovers loaded with sev, curd, coriander, and other items.

Best place to eat: Royal Cafe (Hazratganj, Lucknow)

12. Aloo Tikki

A never old Chaat, Aloo Tikki is made of boiled potatoes mashed with aromatic spices and herbs. It is a famous food of Uttar Pradesh, often consumed as an evening snack.

Best place to eat: Kashi Chat Bhandar (Sidhgiri Bagh, Varanasi)

13. Sev Puri

A famous chaat of Uttar Pradesh is prepared with papri, bhalla, and sev, served with 1-2 drops of red garlic chutney, then green mint cilantro chutney. 

Best place to eat: Shriji Chat Bhandar, Chatta Bazar, Mathura

14. Samosa Chaat

A list of the best foods of Uttar Pradesh can never complete without samosa chaat. An authentic backed petty with mashed spicy potatoes, chickpea, onions, and peas — Samosa is best served with chai.

Best place to eat: Sharma tea stall (Lalbagh, Lucknow)

15. Paani Ke Batashe

If you are a typical spicy chaat person, paani ke batashe can fully satiate your taste buds. It is a round hollow puri served with potatoes, chickpea, and flavored water.

Best place to eat: Kapoorthala ka Batashe wala (Aliganj, Lucknow)

Famous Food Of Uttar Pradesh: Desserts With Sweetness of Diversity

16. Mathura Peda

An amazing sweet dish hailing from the Indian subcontinent, Peda or Pera, is the famous food of Uttar Pradesh. It is made of khoa, sugar, and traditional flavoring ingredients such as cardamom seeds, nuts, and saffron.

Best place to eat: Brijwasi Mithai Wala (Tilak Dwar, Mathura)

17. Agra Petha

Made of white pumpkin soaked in water and cooked in flavored sugar syrup, Petha is a traditional delicacy from Agra. A wide range of flavors of petha, including Kesar, chocolate, paan, etc., is available here.

Best place to eat: Original Panchi Petha (ground Chandra palace MG Road, Opp imperial hotel Agra)

18. Balushahi

It is a traditional dessert similar to doughnuts but different in texture and flavor. It is dipped in sugar syrup and garnished with pista and other dry fruits.

Best place to eat: Bhagat Ji Sweets (Mansurpur, Muzaffarnagar)

19. Malai Ki Gilori

One of the most popular desserts in Lucknow, Malai Ki Gilori, is a famous food of Uttar Pradesh. It is made of malai, thick milk, sugar, and saffron.

Best place to eat: Bilai Ki Gilori (Nawal Kishore Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow)

20. Shahi Tukda

A delightful and delicious dessert from Lucknow, Shahi Tukda is made of infused milk with bread.

Best place to eat: Aminabad area, Lucknow

Best Food Of Uttar Pradesh: Extras

21. Lassi

A traditional curd-based drink originally originated from Uttar Pradesh — lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, and sometimes fruits or dry fruits.

Best place to drink: Pahalwan Lassi (Saket Nagar Colony, Lanka, Varanasi)

22. Banarasi Paan

Unlike other famous foods of Uttar Pradesh, Banarasi Paan is an exotic combination of areca nuts, gulkand, kattha, and many other ingredients wrapped in a fresh betel leaf.

Best place to try: Ramchandra Chaurasia and Keshav Pan Bhandar (Banaras)

Hopefully, you would’ve enjoyed this delicious journey. If we missed something or you have something famous in your town, please drop it in the comments below. 

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