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Basic Difference Between Gulf And Strait With Its Meaning

Difference Between Gulf and Strait

Gulf and Strait—two main and important geographical terms that describe the area covered by water bodies. But they have different meanings. Thus, it is important to understand the difference between the Gulf and Strait. In this blog, we will discuss the difference between Gulf and Strait and how to use them correctly in your sentence or conversation.

Meaning of Gulf and Strait

Let’s conclude the meaning of Gulf and Strait. 

What is the Gulf?

A Gulf is a large water body surrounded by narrow land. The Gulf can be defined as the portion of the sea that penetrates the land. The Gulf, over the world, can vary in size, depth, and shape. It can sometimes be called a large ‘Bay’. However, the Bay is always larger and deeper compared to the Gulf. The Gulf and Bay both make excellent trading centers because of their shape. The largest Gulf in the world is ‘Gulf of Mexico’, with a total area of 1,554,000 square kilometers. Other famous Gulfs in the world are the Gulf of California, the Persian Gulf, and the Gulf of Aden. You will understand the meaning of the Gulf more deeply in the difference between the Gulf and Strait.

What is Strait?

Strait is a narrow waterway, usually formed between islands or continents, or between the large water bodies that connect two large bodies of water. It is sometimes made by human activities that are called a Canal. Straits always play an important role in trading and traveling. The Strait of Gibraltar is the most famous Straits. Two other well-known Straits are the Strait of Hormuz and the Strait of Bosporus. The Bosporus, which connects the Black Sea (from the North) and the Marmara Sea (from the South) is believed to be nature made. The Strait of Hormuz, located at the Southeastern end of the Persian Gulf, is a narrow waterway that can be controlled to prevent ships from sailing through the gulf. Let’s check out the difference between the Gulf and Strait. 

Difference Between the Gulf and Strait

Both terms Gulf and Strait have different meanings with minor differences. Let’s understand both terms more clearly with the help of differences. We differentiate both terms considering a few factors. Look at the difference between the Gulf and Strait. 


The Gulf is a portion of the sea surrounded by land and the Strait is a narrow passage between the water that connects two large water bodies such as island.


The Gulf connects the land, whereas, Strait connects two large water bodies through a narrow passage. 


The Gulf is formed naturally, on the other hand, Straits can be natural and human-made, called Canal. 


The Gulf serves as an excellent trading center, but the Strait cannot be a harbour. 

This is the main difference between the Gulf and Strait. If you have been confused about what is Gulf and Strait, hopefully, this guide helped you in clearing your doubts. The Gulf can be sometimes called Bay depending on the size and depth but the Gulf and Straits can never be the same. 

From today onwards, you will be using the correct term at the right place. Visit us frequently to know the meaning and difference between more terms like this. Or if you have any idea or query in mind, share it with us in the comment section. We would be glad to write for you. 

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