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Afghanistan-Taliban Crisis Live Updates: Second Blast At Kabul Airport Ahead Of America’s Pullout

Afghanistan-Taliban Crisis Live Updates

Ahead of America’s troops withdrawal, ISIS-K has launched multiple rockets at Kabul Airport on Monday morning, part of the ongoing Afghanistan-Taliban Crisis. The rockets struck a house close to Kabul Airport, Salim Karwan neighborhood, killing a child.

The rocket’s whooshing sound was followed by gunfire and an immediate explosion. It has been reported that at least five rockets were fired at Kabul Airport that were interpreted by the anti-missile system.

The U.S. drone strike followed the attack on Sunday that claimed to target a group of ISIS-K militants. The Pentagon confirmed the airstrike on Sunday after multiple organizations confirmed an explosion near a residential neighborhood near the Kabul Airport. A U.S. official said the drone strike targetted a vehicle carrying multiple suicide bombers from Afghanistan’s ISIS-K camps. 

The airstrike destroyed the convoy before hitting the ongoing military and civilian evacuation at Kabul’s International Airport. This is the third attack in a row as the USA is due to complete its Military withdrawal from Afghanistan following the Taliban’s pressure to empty Kabul by 31 August.

Whereas the Taliban holds firm against extending Kabul’s airlift deadline, ‘August 31’, there are over 350 Americans stuck in Afghanistan, 250 to be evacuated soon, and 100 are left undecided.

The US can evacuate, says the Pentagon, following a statement from the White house. The United States can evacuate approximately 300 U.S. citizens left in Afghanistan who are supposed to be airlifted before the August 31 deadline.

Afghanistan-Taliban Crisis Live Updates: Taliban’s Foreign Minister Has Roots To Indian Military Academy, But A Treat To The Country

An alumnus of the Indian Military Academy, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, Foreign Affairs Minister of Taliban, said that the Taliban looks forward to fostering friendly relations with its neighbors and the whole world.

Though the Taliban is inviting countries to take part in Afghanistan’s rehabilitation, there is a potential threat that the Taliban may have an aggressive approach toward India. They may pair up with China and Pakistan to target India.

When asked about Afghanistan’s use as a sanctuary for terrorist activities, Abbas Stanikzai said the history would not be recreated here in Afghanistan. We want a peaceful nation and good relations with our neighbors.

Since India has put around $3 billion in Afghanistan’s development projects, the Afghanistan-Taliban crisis threatens India’s diplomatic stakes and investment.

What does the Taliban’s rebirth in Afghanistan mean for India?

Taliban’s Foreign Affairs Chief said the development projects by India are our national assets now, and we will invite India to come back and complete the projects. Today’s Taliban is different; we want peace and work towards Afghanistan’s development.

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