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Nitin Mishra

Write for us Are you one who is interested in writing for an audience just to make them aware of the trending news? If yes, then we have opened up our blog to guest posts by other enthusiastic bloggers and aspiring writers. At Trend to Review, anyone can submit their stories and ideas to us of new and trending topics that should be predominantly focused on 2021. We believe that blogging is not for everyone. Only an exited and courageous person can write blogs and express their ideas and views. Our site Trend to Review is the potential platform which is not just limited to trending technology, in fact, you are also invited to share your views on topics like Lifestyle, Education, Health, Travel, and Entertainment.

Our platform is open for all interested people. The only simple thing they need to do is to adhere to our guidelines which you’ll find in the next section.

Writing guidelines for guest posting:

  1. We cannot accept any piece of writing that has been published anywhere else. In simple words, the content or blog should be plagiarism free and unique.
  2. You are allowed to send video and images but notably, no copyright should be there.
  3. We’d like to post stories more than 1000 words just for the impressive purpose.
  4. We require at least 2 images along with 1 featured image.
  5. We’ll not accept any piece of writing having an artificial link.
  6. Blogger is allowed a single link per domain with particular terms and conditions.
  7. The article you write should have a proper intro, body, and conclusion.
  8. The article should not contain any sketchy material like warez, criminal activities, adult content, and racist or hate websites.
  9. Last but not the least, make error-free SEO friendly and interesting article.

How to reach us ?

We are always welcome to those who are willing to share visions, assessments, and contents that are well investigated on respective topics. If you have any tips and thought you are interested in writing then write for us.

Drop us a mail at and do include a sample article for the purpose of screening. Before submitting an article, a guest blogger should aware of all the instructions to become the potential contributor.

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