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10 Top Magazines In India In Terms Of Circulation

top magazines in india

Do you want to know which are the top magazines in India and why many people enjoy reading them? Aside from passion, there are many reasons to read something. Every reading is unique to the situation. It could be for knowledge, pleasure, a hobby, or something else entirely. In the world of entertainment, magazines play a significant role. They go into the details of any news that is of general public interest. They may be informative at times and amusing at others. They also give us a place to express ourselves through short stories, poetry, and other creative writing columns. In India, a variety of publications in many languages covering various topics.

For the web-savvy generation, most of them have online editions as well. English magazines write stories on health, fitness, fashion, lifestyle, movies, politics, general knowledge, current events, sports, and numerous other topics. Business is also a widely covered genre by magazines. In the recent version, Tradeflock, one of the leading online business magazines, has featured the Best Business Magazines in India

Here is a list of the 10 Top Magazines in India, sorted from good to the best.


Femina is a women’s magazine published by Worldwide Media, a Mumbai-based corporation. It is a biweekly publication having a circulation of 3.09 lakhs. Therefore, Femina got tenth place in our list of top magazines in India. The Times Group is the publisher of this feminine magazine, and the inaugural edition of the magazine came out in July of 1959. Femina is one of the top fashion magazines in India, and Home science, fitness, beauty, and lifestyle are among the genres covered by it. In addition to English, it is also available in Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil. Femina holds a beauty pageant every year in which one participant is nominated from each country. Femina is also accessible as an online subscription.

Cricket Today 

In a country like India, where there are many sports fanatics, it’s no wonder that Cricket Today is one of the best-selling magazines, with a readership of 3.21 lakhs, and has secured ninth place in our list of top magazines in India. Diamond Magazines Pvt.Ltd., situated in New Delhi, publishes it every month. It’s also available as a digital download.


This is another magazine published by Worldwide Media, a subsidiary of The Times Group. In March of 1952, it was first published. This magazine focuses on Bollywood films in particular. Filmfare is published in Hindi and English, and with a readership of 3.42 lakhs, it has got eighth place in our list of top magazines in India. It is published every two weeks. The Filmfare Award is given out having the support of this publication.

Reader’s Digest 

This family magazine has a circulation of 3.48 lakhs and is in seventh place on the list of top magazines in India. It is a magazine of the India Today Group, a giant media house in India. It was initially issued in India in 1954 and had its origins in America. It contains articles on health, advice, humor, and other topics. Reader’s Digest offers online subscriptions as well.


Outlook Publishing India Pvt.Ltd began publishing the Outlook in October 1995. It is a general news magazine with a circulation of 4.25 lakhs based in New Delhi. Therefore, it is in sixth place on our list of the top magazines in India. It covers a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, national issues, and other topics of general interest.

Competition Success Review 

Competition Success Review is one of the most popular English magazines in India for students. Mr. S.K. Sachdeva launched this magazine in 1964 with the aim of monthly publishing. It is a general knowledge magazine that contains current events and basic knowledge needed to pass competitive tests such as Civil Service, MBA, and interviews with Civil Service officials in ingraining confidence in individuals who aspire to work in the civil service. With a 4.66 lakh-strong readership, Competition Success Reviews secures a prominent place in the list of top magazines in India


It is a weekly sports magazine produced by The Hindu’s proprietors. It was published for the first time in 1978 and presently has a readership of 5.28 lakhs. It is one of India’s most popular sports magazines. The magazine was transformed into a tabloid format in 2006. It was redesigned later in 2012. It also debuted an online version in 2015. Chennai is the headquarters of Sportstar, and it’s undoubtedly one of India’s most famous magazines for sports. 

General Knowledge Today 

General Knowledge Today is one of the leading English Magazines in India for students. As the name implies, it’s a general knowledge magazine covering all of India’s current events. It has a viewership of 6.21 lakhs and is regularly read by students studying for admission exams. It is released once a month. There is also an online version of the magazine. Competition Success Review is published by the same people who run Competition Success Review.

Pratiyogita Darpan 

Upkar Prakashan publishes Pratiyogita Darpan, a bilingual English magazine published monthly. It is a career-oriented publication that publishes broad knowledge and current topics from around the country. It is known as one of the top magazines in India for UPSC preparation, with a circulation of 6.89 lakhs. It is the best seller whose headquarters are situated in Agra, and the first issue was released in 1978. The Indian Readership Survey predicts a total readership of 5 million and an average issue readership of 2.154 million in 2011.

India Today 

The inaugural edition of India Today Magazine, the best-selling and most widely distributed Indian English magazine, was published in December 1975. It is a news magazine published by the Noida-based Living Media organization and founded by Vidya Vilas Purie. Mr. Purie named his daughter Madhu Trehan as editor and his son Aaron Purie as publisher. It is published every two weeks. It has a 16.34 lakh readership. Therefore, we put this publication in the first place on our list of top magazines in India. In addition to English, India Today is available in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu.

People get wiser as a result of their information, and knowledge is gained by reading. All of the magazines mentioned above are educational. Some of these may be of use in PSC, Civil Service, and Management examinations. These are just a few of the best magazines in India for Students, but there are plenty more. Even though the new generation is digitally aware, there is still a place for paper copies of magazines. According to the circulation reports, this is the case. Knowledgeable people are always regarded by society.

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