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The Benefits Of Using A Pre-Stretched Canvas For Painting

Benefits Canvas For Painting

To the untrained eye, it does not matter whether a painting is done on a stretched canvas or not. But to an artist, it can be a game-changer. A stretched canvas skin serves as the foundation upon which the whole artwork is built. It holds the gesso, the paint, acrylic medium, and varnish together. It must be treated with utmost care the way all foundations should be. 

One of the biggest concerns for budding and experienced artists is the cost of a professionally stretched and primed canvas. The price can be prohibitive, making even the most successful painters think twice before getting one. But thanks to affordable canvas stretching service, even amateur artists can enjoy the benefits of using a stretched canvas. But before we get to this, let us take a quick look at what a pre-stretched canvas is. 

What is a Pre-Stretched Canvas?

A pre-stretched canvas is made using tools to stretch the material over stretch bars. These bars make up the frame that supports the canvas from behind and are usually made of wood. The tools most commonly used are the mallet, stretching pliers, hammer, staple gun, and industrial-strength scissors. Using these tools, the canvas is gently and uniformly pulled over the stretch bars, making sure that it is aligned throughout the process. 

What are the Advantages of Using Pre-Stretched Canvas?

  • It Protects the Quality of the Artwork

As most painters would agree, a canvas could lose its shape without proper care and attention. Over time, this could degrade the image painted on the canvas. This is where canvas stretching comes in.

If done right, a stretched canvas can help preserve the painting. It gives the painting the structure needed to protect the quality of the image. The canvas would not slip or wrinkle, either of which could ruin the artwork. It also has a perfect alignment, allowing you to showcase your piece in the best possible light. 

With a reputable canvas stretching service, you can preserve your artwork for decades so many generations can appreciate it.

  • It Saves Time

In many cases, stretched canvases come with a pre-built primer. You can choose the texture that you prefer, depending on the type of artwork that you do. This means that you do not have to invest time and effort to achieve the desired surface. By using a stretched canvas, you can start painting immediately and finish more projects.

  • It is Readily Available

Gone are the days where you need to spend much to gain access to stretched canvas. With the help of a reputable canvas stretching service, you can easily buy ready-made stretched canvas and canvas panels. They come in many price points, and you could now find one to suit your budget.  

  • It is Easy to Use

Many artists are more familiar with canvas as it is the most popular painting surface. They know what techniques and style to use, and they know what works and what does not. With the help of numerous art supply companies, using stretched canvas just got easier. 

Stretching a canvas requires much skill and experience. What is more, it requires specialized tools. If you were to stretch your own canvas, it would take up much of your time. You have to take these factors into consideration if you are deciding between buying a pre-stretched canvas and doing it yourself. 

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