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Online Gaming’s Incredible Success – And The Potential Reasons Behind It

Online Gaming's Incredible Success

Technology has had an impact on so many different areas of our lives. Many of us make use of systems, software, and apps in a range of ways, from education and work to communication and entertainment.

However, tech’s influence has arguably been most felt in the world of gaming. Fresh innovations have created new possibilities for online play and the rise of the industry is reflected in the remarkable figures around it.

Incredible growth

Last year, the gaming intelligence organisation Newzoo estimated that there were an incredible 2.7 billion gamers across the globe.

According to, the body suggested that those players were set to spend in the region of $159 billion on games across 2020. It was also predicted that the market would go beyond $200 billion by the end of 2023. Such figures are truly fascinating, but they do raise one question – just what is it about gaming that is attracting so much attention?

There could be many reasons behind the area’s growth, but one factor that is definitely worth mentioning is the range of choice now on offer. Many types of games featuring different styles and genres are available online at the touch of a button these days.

This trend is particularly evident in the world of online casino gaming, at sites like Players can choose from slots with various themes such as Ancient Egypt or fishing. Table games and live casino experiences are also options, including classic casino games and newer gaming options like Monopoly Live. Having lots of choice is a vital piece of the appeal of online gaming, and we can see examples of this throughout the industry. For example, there are over 90 eSports games and over 200 MMO titles.


Another trend that may have had a big impact on gaming is accessibility and providing games that are readily available on mobile, as this seems to be a major element across the world of gaming.

Online Gaming Incredible Success

The Newzoo research at found that mobile gaming was enjoying significant growth and highlighted a few potential reasons why. These included that there was a low barrier to entry, as many people already own a smartphone that they can play on.

Of course, one other element that could be driving gaming’s success is the simple fact that it offers a peek into another world. After all, many titles give people the chance to immerse themselves in an environment or setting very different from the norm. This was highlighted by findings published at last year, which revealed that 46 percent of people see gaming as a distraction from the norm.

Transformative Impact

Online technology has transformed many parts of our lives, but its impact on the entertainment world seems particularly significant. The way we watch TV and films has changed, while gaming is now available across a wide array of devices.

Some jaw-dropping figures are emerging around the games industry, and we have attempted to highlight just a few of the main reasons around why this might be happening. It will be intriguing to see how things develop in the future.

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