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Why Marvel Doesn’t Shoot Intimate Movies Like Fifty Shades of Grey?

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Because an intimate scene between Vision and Scarlet Witch is not what tempts marvel fans, and Why should marvel switch to erotic movies? Do you really want ‘Hulk’ to make love with the ‘Black Widow’ and then watch all marvel heroes fight with each other? Though it’s hilarious but what if Marvel starts filming intimate movies like Basic Instinct

Nothing to be said, but the theaters will run full of adults ‘seeking for pleasure with adventure and actions.’  Anyways, could you imagine any of two couples from the Marvel comic to portray an erotic role on the big screen? 

Well done! 

Then how is this title ‘Guardians of the Bedroom’ for your imaginary scenario, because superheroes cannot express their lust all around the world. Wait, we have some other interesting titles so that you can imagine your favorite Marvel hero doing lovey-dovey scenes. How’re these- Avengers– the age of pleasure and Spider-Man– far from happiness.

Imagination is okay and only hope to your fantasies because arguably, you will never see an erotic movie under the banner of Marvel. By the way, don’t lose hope because creators have done their work for people like you. Give applause to Netflix, Colombia Picture, focus features, and some other production houses for intimate movies. And don’t panic if Marvel is not producing erotic movies because here’s the list of 7 Intimate Relationship Movies that are enough to spend an erotic evening with your girlfriend.

Top 7 Intimate Movies That Will Actually Twerk Your Mind

Here Are To the list of intimate movies.

1) Basic Instinct

Many erotic movies may have come and go, but none of the previous intimate movies of the last decade were able to degrade the role of ‘Detective Nick’ which was played by ‘Michael Douglas’. Due to the great love and response by the audience in 1992, the creators of this outstanding intimate relationship movie have worked on its two other chapters. It is all about passion to get pleasure and you will enjoy the chemistry of Nick and his girlfriend who is the prime suspect in a murder case. The way she seduces him to explore new levels of excitement and lust.

2) 91/2 Weeks

Arguably, nothing is better than watching Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger together on the bed. Full of romance and kinky activities to blow your mind away from the our-dated lovemaking, this movie was out on the screens in 1986 and got an amazing response from the audience. A story of two strangers who meet in an art gallery come together to reach beyond romance. You are gonna be seduced over the kinky stripped scenes in this movie. There are no actions and thrillers, but the way John tries his magical spells over Elizabeth will give you an insight into hooking up with any girl in the streets. Go and close your lights to enjoy their ultimate couple movie tonight. Undoubtedly, this is better than watching the ‘Hulk’ having an erotic conversation with ‘She-Hulk’.

3) Last Tango in Paris

There is a guy who once reaches the stage where an American businessman in this erotic movie has already reached. Released in 1972, this movie is more about a man’s desire than the emotional storyline. Paul, a young business tycoon who just broke down with his wife’s death, comes across a young gorgeous girl, Jeanne in his apartment. Here, this drama movie turns into an erotic scene when Paul gives his all to seduce Jeanne to sleep in his arms. In this intimate relationship movie, they both explore a new kind of pleasure with the kinky conversation and heartwarming intimate scenes all through the movie. There is no doubt in saying that  ‘Last Tango in Paris’ has got something hard.

4) Last Caution

What kind of caution are we talking about? After all, this movie holds an interesting play about political honey-trap, but how does ‘Mr. Yee’, a renowned Chinese politician, fall in love with an inflamed hot girl? Rock on the big screen in 2007, Last, Caution is full of intimate scenes and an engaging story too. It’s a perfect combination of politics and intimacy that will expose the dirty game of honey-trap around the world. Anyway, all you have to see is, how and what Wang, Jiazhi does to seduce a passionate old guy? Would she be exposed or keep swept in this dangerous political game? 

5) Blue Is the Warmest Colour

Obviously blue is the hottest color if a gorgeous girl carries it. Therefore a new age french teen inbounds a deeply erotic and emotional relationship with Lea Seydoux, who is even older than him. Released in 2013, this is one of the best intimate relationship movies that has got a 7.7 rating on IMDB. What does a young girl observe in an art student who is even 7 years older than her? Well, their sexual relationship hits the edge of romance when they start finding new ways to surprise each other with something that you cannot even imagine. The director was wicked and his eroticism can be seen in the direction. 

6) Unfaithful

This drama & thrill is one of the best intimate relationship movies that is packed with an engaging story that will never let you get bored. An extramarital affair of a young passionate lady will help her to reach some other side of life. Connie, a gorgeous woman, falls for Paul, a stud from her neighborhood. She starts roping an intimate relationship with him through her lascivious figure that turns out to be the most romantic extramarital affair. By the way, her husband keeps an eye on her activities and movements, but she keeps busy in exploring different states of lovemaking. Walking on the silver screen in 2020, Unfaithful is perfect for a romantic date with your girlfriend.

7) Fifty Shades Freed

In addition to enhancing the level of coupling scenes picked from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ this movie is full of intimate scenes. Kissing, cuddling and that thing too, everything is a level up from other intimate movies on Netflix and beyond. Fifty shades freed was released in 2018. In this movie, you will learn how to ruin a luxurious life but intimately. Though nothing is better than Fifty Shades of Grey, this movie has its own flavor of pleasure.

These top 7 intimate relationship movies will dissolve an ultimate flavor of romance in your life and you are gonna enjoy it with your Bae tonight. Whether you are a Marvel or DC fan, your fantasies will see some new heights of excitement in these intimate movies.

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