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How To Make New Friends

How to Make New Friends

Making new friends isn’t always easy. You might feel that everyone already has a set of friends and isn’t willing to get to know anyone else. But that’s not usually the case. You just need to make the first move. Here’s how to make new friends.

Realize your fear is in your head

It’s one thing to feel shy or nervous in a social situation, but it’s another to let your fear hold you back. Fear is a powerful emotion. But it shouldn’t stop you from attempting to make new friends. Just think – what is the worst thing that can happen? If you don’t like the other person, then just part ways. Also, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work out right away.

Do it yourself first

You’ll feel less awkward trying to make new friends when there aren’t other people around. Before attending events where everyone else is meeting each other for the first time, try doing some things by yourself for a while. Being on your own will make you more approachable to other people.

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Get yourself out there

If you spend most of your time in the same social circle, trying to make new friends can be challenging. So mix things up a bit! Spontaneity is key. Try doing something outside your comfort zone like joining a group activity that’s related to one of your hobbies. For instance, if you like card games, you might find yourself a fan of casino games. Here, you’ll meet fun people and learn skills that will help you expand your social network. If you don’t feel confident enough to head out due to fear of a lack of skill, why not practice this in your own time at home? For instance, those interested in heading to a casino can head to the best casino online to work on their skills and understanding of the games.

Show an interest in others

People are generally interested in talking about themselves or subjects they’re familiar with, but they aren’t as comfortable talking about what’s unfamiliar to them. Show an interest in someone else’s life and they will repay it in kind.

Add value to people’s lives

Subconsciously, people spend time with people that add value to their lives. That could be value in the sense of making them feel better about themselves. It could be value in making them laugh. It could even be value in showing them cool new things like a new band. If you want to make new friends, you should always try and add value.

Be persistent but not needy

Because making new friends is hard, sometimes persistence is rewarded. You might not make a friend on the first night or even the second night, but just don’t give up! It’s important that you’re always pursuing opportunities to meet new people, but never come off as too desperate. That will turn people off and chase them away from wanting to get to know you.

Be yourself

Everyone can sense when you’re putting on an act. If you want other people to get to know the real you, it’s important that they see a side of you that’s true and genuine. The last thing anyone wants is for someone else to be putting on a show or “faking it till they make it”. It’s better to be yourself and turn some people off than to pretend to be someone else and end up alone.

Focus on building quality friendships

If you are just trying to make new friends for the sake of having a large social circle, it is unlikely that you will actually develop real friendships with these people.

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