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Guide To Renting A Boat In Sydney For World Travellers

Renting a Boat in Sydney for World Travellers

If you ask world travellers to list down the top ten cities they have been around the globe, most often than not, Sydney will be on that list. Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, Australia, offers lots of fun and adventures to its tourists on land and water. The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House can both be accessed by land. However, tourists that want to enjoy the full view of Sydney Harbour should try renting a boat hire in Sydney.

Why Hire a Boat in Sydney? 

Sydney is a harbour city. If you want to see the full majesty of Sydney, then you should rent out a boat and view the city from the perspective of someone on the ocean. You can see the cityscape’s panoramic view during the day and be mesmerized when the lights of the city are turned on at night. Likewise, when you hire a boat, you can also engage yourself in different water activities depending on the type of Boat you hire. Hiring a boat will also allow you to visit these areas in Sydney:

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is one of the areas classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Sanctuary. This island is best known for having a long history of building ships during the mid-19th century. While the shipbuilding industry on the island has long stopped, tourists still visit the place to take Instagram-worthy pictures.

The Royal Botanical Garden

You can travel to the Royal Botanical Garden by land; however, it would be easier to access it through a boat hire in Sydney, especially if you have other islands or harborside attractions to see. Tourists often visit the botanical garden to bask in the beauty of nature as the garden is filled with flowers and plants that can be found within Australia. Likewise, if you want to take Instagram-worthy pictures, having a flower-filled foreground against Sydney’s cityscape background will be hard to take unless you are at the Royal Botanical Garden.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

Most tourists that take selfies with the Harbour Bridge will either have the bridge located too far away. If you are on a boat, you can ask your ship’s captain to anchor you to a spot where you can take pictures with the symmetrical or asymmetrical background of the Harbour Bridge.

What Can You Do with a Boat Hire in Sydney?

If you are a tourist that wants to immerse yourself in adventures that Sydney can give, you can hire a boat for the day to do the following activities:

Sport Fishing

Sydney is an ideal place to catch a wide variety of gamefish. Sportfishing is extremely popular in Sydney because fish species that grow within its waters tend to grow larger than anywhere else. One sought-after species you can catch in Sydney waters is the black marlin, known to reach more than 700 kilograms.

Private Parties

If you already made friends in Sydney, you can have your farewell party on a pontoon boat or a private yacht before you leave for your next global destination. Parties on a boat are more enjoyable since you have the privacy that you need and you can be rowdy and noisy as you want. Likewise, when you hire a boat, you do not need to shoulder all the costs yourself; you can ask your friends to pitch in with the cost. Most party boats can be rented at an average cost of $50 per person per hour.

To fully enjoy a visit to a harbour city such as Sydney, it is best to explore the city on both land and water. It is best to consider a boat hire in Sydney for your next visit.

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