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8 Most Underrated Horror Movies to Add to Your Bucket List

Most Underrated Horror Movies

I am sure you have already watched horror movies like the Conjuring or The Nun. When it comes to horror content, cable TV providers like Cox Cable broadcast many horror movies but some gruesome and horrifying titles don’t make it to that queue. So, let’s bring you those lesser-known horror movies, which will mess up with your head but will leave a mark with the compelling story.

Quit wasting your time sorting through the pit of the barrel and check out these titles:   

1: Wounds

Starring Dakota Johnson and Amie Hammer, this movie might not be an instant winner but it’s a horror gem. Hammer plays the role of Will, a confident and charming bartender who doesn’t know what he wants from his life. Carrie (Dakota Johnson) is Will’s girlfriend.

During a bar fight, a group of students leaves a phone behind. Will tries to contact them but receives worrisome replies and some concerning pictures. Prepare for the story to take a different path. An unnerving tale begins with horrific images.

2: The Blackcoat’s Daughter

Two students from a catholic boarding school, Kat and Rose, are left behind during the winter break. Their parents forget to pick them up. They end up facing sinister threats from an evil force (which is also unseen).

The movie also stars Emma Roberts (Joan), a young woman who arrives at the bus stop after a narrow escape from a mental institution.

3: The Faculty

The screenplay of The Faculty is written by brilliant Kevin Williamson who is best known for Scream. But that’s not the only reason why you should be watching this horror movie.  The names include Jon Steward, Elijah Wood, and Usher Raymond.

Let’s make one thing clear. This movie is actually terrifying. The faculty at Harrington high school is controlled by an alien parasite. A group of students team up and try to defeat the invaders. The school’s news photographer who witnessed the murder of the nurse becomes curious when he sees her alive again.

4: Goodnight Mommy

Twin brothers – Elias and Lukas welcome their mother after she returns from facial reconstructive surgery. The mother‘s face and head are wrapped in bandages. She exhibits stranger behavior, which makes the boys suspicious. She may not be their real mother.

It takes some time for this psychological thriller’s story to move forward. Just when you think the story has become predictable, it will shock with a twist.

5: Possessor

This Sci-Fi horror movie is a little tipsy and disturbing. It takes you into the story of Tasya Vos, an elite assassin who has the ability to control other people’s bodies to kill others. After each murder, she returns to her body and convinces the host to commit suicide.

She takes on an assignment to kill a rich CEO and his daughter. Things don’t turn out as smoothly as they normally do. The film is quite valiant. You will see slashing right in the beginning. This thriller with savage twists won’t be a waste of time, we promise.

6: Midsommar

Don’t you dare be fooled by the flower crown on the movie’s cover. This movie is going to take you on a roller coaster of emotions (which include horror, disgust, and rage). It follows the story of Dani Ardor, and Christian Hughes, a troubled couple who join their friends at a festival in Sweden. This retreat quickly turns into a nightmare when all of them are trapped by a pagan cult.

7: The Alchemist Cookbook

Sean lives alone in a tiny shack in the middle of the woods. This guy spends his time performing chemistry recipes. Everything seems harmless in the beginning but his curiosity leads to a disaster when he ends up summoning a demon.

8: Triangle

The movie stars Jess (Melissa George), a troubled mother who goes on a yacht trip with Greg (Michael Dorman) and his friends (which includes Liam Hemsworth). Their boat is capsized by a storm.

They find a stranded ocean liner from where shit goes down. Jess suddenly experiences something beyond Deja Vue. Wait there is more, a killer is already hunting for them.

These movies and their captivating stories are going to knock you off your feet. Some will scenes might gross you out especially if you are not into slashing and blood baths. But they are all worth it. Apart from the regular movie night snacks, don’t forget to grab a bottle of wine.

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