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What Are The Different Types Of Attraction That You May Have?

Different Types of Attraction

Do you know about the different types of attraction? If no, go through this article. Here we will talk about the secret signs of love.

A boy meets girls. She attracts him a lot. The boy starts feeling for her. He expresses his feelings and they both start living a happy love life. However, he develops a mixed feeling – made of kindness, compassion, care, respect, and equanimity. 

Now, The Question Is – Whether It Was An Attraction or Love? And, What Hits Your Mind When We Talk About Attraction? Have You Ever Think of Different Types of Attraction?

Love and attraction are the two most confusing terms. People often misunderstand their love for someone as attraction and vice-versa. In the above case, it was an attraction because there are thousands of girls but the boy falls in love with that girl. But why? The answer is simple, he was either attracted to her physique, appearance, or else.

Here’s the difference. Unlike love, the attraction is bound to a motive. And, once the motive is achieved, the attraction will fade away. The motive may be a desire to make love, hug, or anything that is supreme at the moment. However, there are different types of attraction that define each of your moves in detail.

In this blog post, we will talk about different types of attractions that you may have experienced. Right from the types of eye contact attractions, interpersonal attractions to psychology and characteristics of attractions, we have mentioned everything to help you learn – what kind of person you are most attracted to and why? Here are some different types of attractions that you had but not aware of.

What is the attraction? Definition of attraction.

What is the attraction

In layman’s terms, the attraction is the feeling that urges you to touch or acquire something you see. Interestingly, you may be attracted to any living or non-living object. It may be a supercar, an actress, a cuisine, a bike, or anything that exists.

For example, you come across someone, you like their appearance, their physique, or any other attribute they flaunt at the moment. That something you like is the ‘point of attraction’.

When this happens, you will start living things differently. You will only have an urge to acquire that particular thing. It is more likely to have physical attraction – though there are many others. Here are some different types of attractions you should know.

10 Types of Attraction That May Have To Someone

Types of Attraction

If somebody offers a choice between love & attraction – I would rather prefer attraction than love. Unlike love, you can be attracted to one or more people at once. Love is bound to some sort of expectations but the attraction is simple. The attraction has a destination, unlike love.

Gauge through the types of attraction!

  1. Sexual Attraction

One of the most common types of attraction, sexual attraction urges you to touch someone sexually. However, it is nothing to do with the sex drive. It is beyond all – intimacy, coupling, even you may sexually be attracted to someone other than your partner.

These are the different types of sexual attraction

  • Heterosexual
  • Homosexual
  • Bisexual
  • Asexual

Luckily, this type of attraction is no longer important to keep a relationship alive. You can love someone for infinity without being sexually attracted.

  1. Romantic Attraction

People are often confused between sexual and romantic attraction but they are way different. When you have a romantic attraction for someone, it means you just want a romantic relationship. Sex is not necessary for a romantic relationship.

Simply put, romance is an emotion of love or an attraction to particular behavior from someone. Actually, romance is similar to sexual attraction but with non-sexual feelings.

  1. Physical Attraction

When we talk about different types of attraction, physical attraction comes as the most confusing term. We all feel physical attraction – the desire to be kissed or hugged in a non-sexual way.

It is often associated with someone’s physique. Physical attraction is an important aspect of all types of relationships but in most cases, it is associated with someone’s physical features. For example, you love someone’s face, lips, or else.

  1. Emotional Attraction

Here is the most complicated yet important type of attraction. Emotional attraction is perhaps the strongest attraction among all. Additionally, the level of emotional attraction may vary from one person to another. 

An emotional attraction not just draws your attention to someone, but keeps you connected. Therefore, it is the most essential aspect of long-lasting relationships. Once you develop an emotional attraction for someone, soon it will be turned into attachment.

  1. Aesthetic Attraction

Last, among the main types of attractions, Aesthetic Attraction is often confused with sexual attraction. However, it is entirely different. Sexual attraction defines the desire to touch someone sexually but Aesthetic attraction is that feeling you have at the time of admiring someone’s appearance and grace. 

Keep it clear, you may have sexual or romantic attraction for someone while developing aesthetic attractions but they are not necessarily the same.

  1. Intellectual Attraction

Similar to emotional attraction, Intellectual attraction is the feeling of playing with someone’s ideas. For example, if you love someone’s ideas and conversation, it may be a sign of intellectual attraction. It is common among talkative couples. 

You may love someone’s theories, opinions and that’s all we call intellectual attraction.

  1. Uni Attraction

Most of you are likely to hear about this attraction for the first time, but it was always there. While attraction and love are two different things, you can hate someone’s guts but you will still have some sort of attraction to that person – may be due to emotional or sexual attraction.

In layman’s terms, you love someone and hate a few things at the time, that’s what Uni Attraction is. 

  1. Adulterous Attraction

Also called, ‘Queerplatonic Attraction’, the adulterous attraction is nearly similar to romantic attraction. When you have an adulterous attraction to someone, you feel deeply connected to him but the connection is not strong enough to consider love. 

Yeah, you can say, it is like loving someone but as a friend. Although, the queerplatonic attraction is more intense than a romantic relationship.

  1. Interpersonal Attraction

Except for sexual activities, Interpersonal attraction is similar to physical attraction. It is a desire to meet people publicly in social gatherings and events. 

It is believed that people who are interpersonal attractive have more chances to be rich in other types of attraction. Here are the various types of interpersonal attraction;

  • Physical attractiveness
  • Propinquity
  • Intellectual attractiveness
  • Emotional attraction
  1. Protective Attraction

It is slightly weird but the feel for protecting someone is one of the different types of attraction we shared above. A person is likely to develop this attraction towards a child, a pet, or a person who is in need. 

If you wonder what kind of person you are most attracted to, look carefully at the aforementioned types of attraction and you will get your answer. We hope this article will help you manage a better relationship with your loved ones.

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